Introducing the Freedom Oral Care System (FOCS)

The Freedom Oral Care System is more than a product or program – it’s an end-to-end solution. FOCS is the first mobile, hands-free oral hygiene system in the world developed to deliver the necessary dental care for people with physical and mental disabilities. To date, no other system exists to address this long-ignored need.

FOCS is easy to deploy and use for multiple patients, intuitively and efficiently engineered, and designed to connect patient, provider and payer. The patented device features three modalities that work synergistically to deliver comprehensive oral care:

  • Cleaning the buccal, labial, lingual and occlusal surfaces of teeth, gingival crevices, and crevices between teeth;
  • Dislodging debris; removing plaque and tartar; and
  • Irrigating and disinfecting the mouth; applying protective elements to teeth.

These modalities include: mechanical (brushing), iontophoretic (painless ionic charges) and disinfection (irrigation, anti-microbial wash and fluoride rinse).

The FOCS’s coordinated sequence of modalities is directed via a master control unit and proprietary software application that seamlessly interfaces with payers and providers via wireless monitoring and an eMARS (Electronic Medication Administration Record and Scheduling) patch. A state-of-the-art solution, FOCS will increase the efficiency and efficacy or oral care, reduce payer costs, and maintain a focus on preventative treatment.

To learn more about the need for FOCS, including long-term benefits and our business model, download our trifold brochure (coming soon).

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